Fall and Cows

Stela at 3 Pears, Dorset

Stela at 3 Pears, Dorset

Another weekend photographing cows and this week with a better luck with the cows. Must say country rides in this years spectacular fall foliage season and calling it work is not work at all…but than neither is painting!

Stopped by 3 Pears Gallery in Dorset. In the one year Greg has been opened here the gallery has grown from two rooms to a whole house full of art. Each room is a surprise and filled with works from many artists put together in Greg’s wonderful style. Looking forward to his holiday show after Thanksgiving.

Chicken Personalities

My first chicken, Suzie Wilson, had a personality very similar to this chicken…sweet. I could sit outside at chicken level and she would just hang out with me. As other chickens joined her in the “palace” I expected the same. More often though sitting at chicken level became too challenging. Usual chicken activity around my yard is the girls looking for treats and even the stitching on jeans or my glasses would be something to investigate with pecks. I had to give up eating lunch with them as everyone except Suzie would be jumping non stop to steal my food!

DSC_0810New Chicken Painting, 20″ x 24″

A Cow Weekend

New Cow, maybe Charlie30″ x 24″

It was a beautiful fall weekend even with unsettled weather. It always amazes me when I feel it can’t be any more beautiful in the fall on a sunny day and then it rains and that day is the most beautiful ever. Rick and I traveled our back roads looking for cows and opportunities to photograph them for painting reference. A customer recently commented that it must be easy to get cow photos around Southern Vermont…it isn’t. Saturday the cows we found were either too far out in the field, heads buried in pumpkin/squash gardens munching away, lying down or in most cases standing firm with their back sides to us. Our last stop Sunday was the best farm yet. A large heard of beautiful cows. A few obstacles even with this great opportunity. Our camera lens isn’t strong enough and the fall cold wind made using even our cameras challenging. Might sound like I am complaining but I am not. The time spent visiting the cows was wonderful plus there was a very large pig who got himself out of the pen and was having a feast so we had a blast! Oh, I shouldn’t forget the chickens and turkeys that were around and easily photographed. One rooster I have already started a painting of. All and all we did get a few good reference photos of cows for new paintings I am excited about.


Weston and Newfane Fall Festivals


All over Vermont this is the prime leaf viewing weekend with so many events planned and visitors coming to our state. I will be exhibiting in both Weston and Newfane. Weston Playhouse sets up artists creatively in all the odd spots around the vintage theater for their annual fundraiser, one we happily participate in every year. Rick will be there warm inside the building while I will be outside on the Newfane Commons for the hugely popular annual Harvest Festival. A fund raiser for the Newfane Church I was given the opportunity to have a booth just a few days ago when one became available and I couldn’t resist filling in for such a fun and rewarding community effort event even if we are expecting the coolest fall weather so far this year. Both Weston and Newfane are so fall picture perfect, hope to see you there! (If you haven’t seen Chevy Chase in the very funny movie “Funny Farm” it was filmed in Newfane and neighboring Townsend.)



I knew Jengo was behind me…I heard loud purring! Hard to believe he isn’t a sweetheart to pet sitters. Stories are that he hides under couches and beds and while hissing swipes at feet. To us he is always a perfect cat if perfect includes being a bit bossy! Jengo is always a welcomed studio kitty that’s for sure.

Pinecone Pond

A lovely new B&B recently opened in beautiful Dummerston Vermont and run by a wonderful family has purchased quite a few paintings and prints recently. If I didn’t live so close I would want to stay there. Below are photos of some of the many areas that Cat has decorated with my work. Thanks for sending Cat. Here is a link to check out Pinecone Pond.

Cat's B&B bedroom

Cat's B&B fireplace

Cat's B&B kitchen

Art in the Park this weekend

Brown Swiss Sunflower

Please join me Saturday and Sunday for the annual Keene Art in the Park (booth 54). Bringing new paintings and giclee blocks.  This is always a great show set in beautiful Ashuelot River Park with 75 regional artists, live music, food and drinks and plenty of parking.


Jengo and Jersey

Jengo and JerseyThe star of this photo is Jengo sitting on the stool. Always mister personality and usually right by my side.  Although giving me the cold shoulder here moments before he was non stop loudly expressing his opinion and staring at me. His opinion was that I should stop painting and pet him. As soon as I got my camera going this is what I got.

A Very Nice Honor


My painting being presented to Dr. Temple Grandin

FACES (Finding A Cure For Epilepsy & Seizures) is a part of NYU Langone Medical Center.  Their mission is to fund research, education, and patient and family services for those affected by epilepsy and their caregivers. Dr. Orrin Devinsky, Director of NYU’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, and Oliver Sacks, MD, Professor of Neurology at NYU School of Medicine, honored Temple Grandin, PhD, Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and a widely cited proponent of the rights of autistic persons and of animal welfare. Dr. Devinsky spoke of Dr. Grandin’s remarkable achievements and presented her with a special memento, a painting titled “Jersey” by Caryn King, commissioned for Dr. Grandin.
(Photo by Annie Watt)

A Few Years Ago

I use to forget to sign  paintings. Took a few times when customers and I had to go through a lot to get their original painting signed for me to remember. At the moment I can think of one in New Jersey, one on Martha’s Vineyard and this one where a sheep painting was bought in Woodstock CT and went to a home on the northern coast of Maine. We ended up meeting half way and in a restaurant parking lot I got the job done….and now I try hard not to forget to sign my paintings!





Fred and His Painting

Fred and Fred


This is Fred and a painting I did of Fred. The painting was surprise for someone who thinks Fred is a wonderful dog…which I can tell he is too! I am so lucky to get notes or calls from folks who have been surprised by a gift of one of paintings. Very appreciated indeed.

Wee Little Pig

Wee Little PigAh, feeling relieved that as of tonight I have finished the paintings that were ordered for holiday surprises, the last to be picked up in the nick of time – tomorrow morning. I can’t post any of these paintings of course until after Christmas so thought I would add this piglet that I painted earlier this year.

The Chicken That Started It All

Matthew’s Rooster, 2006
This was one of the first chickens I painted, a gift for my son Matthew.  As I often do I revisit my reference photos and paint animals over again.  On rare occasions I will not let myself use an animal again for a painting, probably because I was frustrated and not able to accomplish what I wanted.  Each time I paint an animal again I feel I find new discoveries about the animal or about painting.  Unfortunately I don’t always take photos but I know I have done others of this rooster and they are out in the world somewhere!

Old Paintings

"Hey There"A barnyard drama. One of my first chicken painting from 2006 titled “Hey There”.

First DateAnother barnyard drama. This one I titled “First Date” and went to folks who had quite a first date story that involved chickens and the Lincoln Tunnel in NYC.

A Goat

Don't-forget-The-Goats“Don’t Forget the Goats!”

Sometimes names for my paintings announce themselves to me…sometimes I struggle and have a lot of thinking to do before a name comes about. This painting of a Boer goat was easy, the whole time I was painting her I felt as if she was saying “Don’t Forget the Goats.” Taking reference photos last fall in a barn that had quite a few animals including a llama, two steers, donkeys, pigs, and chickens I met this goat. Somehow the goats were not high on my list until I realized this girl was spending an awfully long time up like this waiting for her turn to be photographed.