Fall and Cows

Stela at 3 Pears, Dorset
Stela at 3 Pears, Dorset

Another weekend photographing cows and this week with a better luck with the cows. Must say country rides in this years spectacular fall foliage season and calling it work is not work at all…but than neither is painting!

Stopped by 3 Pears Gallery in Dorset. In the one year Greg has been opened here the gallery has grown from two rooms to a whole house full of art. Each room is a surprise and filled with works from many artists put together in Greg’s wonderful style. Looking forward to his holiday show after Thanksgiving.

Chicken Personalities

My first chicken, Suzie Wilson, had a personality very similar to this chicken…sweet. I could sit outside at chicken level and she would just hang out with me. As other chickens joined her in the “palace” I expected the same. More often though sitting at chicken level became too challenging. Usual chicken activity around my yard is the girls looking for treats and even the stitching on jeans or my glasses would be something to investigate with pecks. I had to give up eating lunch with them as everyone except Suzie would be jumping non stop to steal my food!

DSC_0810New Chicken Painting, 20″ x 24″